Procedural Documents

ESTA's Technical Standards Program has a key procedural document (our Policies and Procedures), two working group application forms, and several supplemental documents. It is important that all companies and individuals participating in any kind of standards program have a current version of the procedural documents.

Policies and Procedures Working Group Applications Standards Request
This document contains the policies and procedures which define the process by which ESTA will develop, approve, revise, reaffirm, and withdraw technical standards and recommended practices applicable to the entertainment industry. It is written in conformance with the ANSI Essential Requirements available on the ANSI website.


Interested in joining a working group? If so, fill out the first page of an application and return it to the Technical Standards Manager. Submit it at least two weeks before the meeting at which you expect it to be processed.

This document is designed to help a person organize a request for a new standard or the revision of an existing standard.

A Procedural Synopsis Writing Guides Meeting Guides
A five-page synopsis of how the TSP works is available at the link below. It is not a substitute for the Policies and Procedures, but provides additional information on the process.

The ESTA manual of style was written to help Working Group members prepare documents intended to become American National Standards. It is intended to help writers avoid common editorial errors and to develop a consistent, clear style. It is offered in various word processing file formats so the manual itself can be used as a template.

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 was signed on 13 October 2010. It requires federal agencies to use clear language that the public can understand. The Federal Plain Language Guidelines produced to support the law offers good advice on clear writing.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published Guidance for NIST Staff on Using Inclusive Language in Documentary Standards (NISTIR 8366) to help people with effective wording and inclusive language in standards.

The Working Group Meeting Guide contains detailed information for how to announce and run TSP working group meetings. Information on minutes taking and other meeting procedures are also included.

To Join a WebEx Meeting gives advice on how to join an ESTA WebEx meeting and how to conduct yourself during the meeting.









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