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ANSI procedures require that a standard be submitted to public review so that all parties materially affected have an opportunity to participate in its development. This ensures the standard reflects the consensus of opinion in the industry. A document is offered for public review for a limited period of time after which it is withdrawn for comment resolution and revision. If substantive changes are made to the document it will be offered for a subsequent public review.  If no substantive changes are made and the working group is satisfied with the document, the standard will be put forth for acceptance as an American National Standard.

The draft documents are produced by members of the working groups in the Technical Standards Program. Membership in the working groups is open to all who are materially affected by the work of the group; membership in ESTA or any other association is not a requirement. Voting members are required to attend meetings, but observer members are not, although they are welcome to attend and to speak on issues if they choose. More information about working groups and an application to join are available under the working groups link.

Each public review packet includes the draft document and a response form. There may also be an explanatory document that gives the purpose or background of the document, but this is optional. Please submit comments by the due date noted on the response form, which is the day before the "Submit Before This Date" listed in the table here. The review has ended when that date starts.

Below is a list of documents currently under public review. To participate in the review of these documents, please download the necessary forms and documents by using the links provided below. After you submit your comments, you should receive a confimation within one week.

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Documents currently in Public Review
Document Title Scope Working Group Posting
Submit Before
This Date
BSR E1.14-201x, Entertainment Technology - Recommendations for Inclusions in Fog Equipment Manuals

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Download the Review Instructions

The standard applies to the instruction manuals for fog-making equipment manufactured for use in the entertainment industry. Fog users must have some general knowledge of the technology, have a clear understanding of how to operate the fog system, and be aware of the potential hazards related to the use of fog, and fog systems. This standard establishes guidelines for manufacturers to provide to the user the necessary information required for the safe and responsible use of fog equipment.  Fog & Smoke  July 26, 2017  September 26, 2017