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Working Groups
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TSP Working Groups

The actual work of creating standards, recommended practices and informational pieces is carried out in the working groups. When a request to develop a standard is made, the TSC determines whether it belongs under an existing working group or a new group should be created. A working group may create a task group to do the initial writing of the standard then bring it to the full working group for further discussion, refinement, and a vote.

Current Working Groups
- Control Protocols
- Electrical Power
- Event Safety
- Floors
- Fog and Smoke
- Followspot Position
- Photometrics
- Rigging
- Stage Lifts

Joining a Working Group
Membership in a working group is available to any party who has a material interest in the topics covered by that group and knowledge relevant to those topics. There are two basic types of membership: voting and observer. To be a voting member you must be able to support the work of the group by attending meetings on a regular basis (generally four per year) and responding to letter ballots and other correspondence. Observer status is non-voting and attendance at meetings is not required. You do not need to be a member of ESTA to participate in a working group. Members need to have access to email, because all documents are distributed by email only. There is a $100 a year participation fee for TSP membership. This is a flat rate, regardless of voting status or the number of working groups in which a person is a participant.

If you cannot afford the participation fee, the TSP Participation Fee Donor Fund may be able to assist you. Please contact TSP staff at standards@esta.org and tell us why the participation fee prevents you from participating.

If you would like to become a member of an existing Working Group you must complete an application and send it to the ESTA standards office at the address shown on the form. (The Event Safety Working Group has a special application form.) Your application is subject to approval by the Working Group. Send it at least two weeks before the working group meeting at which you would like it to be considered. Explanations of the application form's voting status classifications and interest categories can be found on the second page of the form. Contact the Technical Standards Manager if you need a hardcopy of the application mailed to you.

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