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Letters to Fight Anti-Mercury Lamp Bans

Letters to Fight Anti-Mercury Lamp Bans
The laws that have been adopted or proposed to severely curtail mercury-containing products, including HMI lamps, may contain a combination of provisions. Almost all attempt to phase out mercury containing products by introducing a maximum allowable amount of mercury content, an amount that is reduced in succeeding years. Some laws also require state or city-specific labeling of lamps, which creates a manufacturing and distribution nightmare. Some laws also require that lamp manufacturers provide lamp recycling services -- essentially reverse distribution of spent lamps back up the distribution chain.

Letters sent to state legislators to argue against these laws need to be tailored to the specific provisions of the laws. Therefore, three sample letters are being offered here as models to help anyone who would like to write in support of blocking, repealing, or modifying anti-mercury-containing lamp legislation.

The first letter addresses phase out, special labeling, and manufacturer take back.

The second letter addresses phase out only.

The third letter addresses phase out and manufacturer take back.

Of course, the sample letters may be modified by whoever wants to use them to more accurately address the requirements of specific legislation or the user's particular interests. All the letters are in Word 97 format.