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Fog Testing Program

A Test Is Worth A Thousand Words

Testing Equipment & Instructions for Use

How To Participate

Testing Equipment & instructions for use
Below is a grid of the critical elements which need to be measured when using fog, the equipment ESTA has selected for measuring and monitoring those elements, rental cost for those measuring devices, and links to instructions for using the equipment and calculating results. Information about why these devices were selected and how they can be obtained is available in the document Fog_Monitoring_Equipment.pdf.

Rental cost includes all necessary equipment, instructions, and shipping.

Fog Type
Glycol, Glycerin &
Mineral Oil
Dry Ice &
Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Liquid Nitrogen
Element to be Measured
Glycol, Glycerin &
Mineral Oil
Carbon Dioxide
Measuring Device
Aerosol Meter
Safegard II
Personal CO2 Monitor
IST-Aim Series 450
Personal Oxygen Detector
Rental Cost
Instructions for Using Equipment and Calculating Results

The program recommends testing at the beginning of each production using the exact conditions (equipment, amount of fog used, length of fog cue, performers’ and crew members’ positions relative to the fog equipment, air circulation, room temperature, etc.) that will be used during performances. Theatres should then monitor fog use to ensure that performance conditions replicate testing conditions. If conditions are consistent, there should not be a need to repeat the test during the production run. Thus, testing can be a one-time cost when a new production loads in, not an additional cost for each performance.

Please note that e-cigarettes are outside the scope of the Fog Testing Program.