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Fog Testing Program

A Test Is Worth A Thousand Words

Testing Equipment & Instructions for Use

How To Participate

A Test is Worth A Thousand Words
ESTA’s fog testing program helps theatres make sure they are using theatrical fog responsibly by keeping concentrations within accepted standards and guidelines, and to demonstrate that they are doing so. Because there are clear exposure standards and guidelines that detail the responsible use of fog - including guidelines endorsed by Actors’ Equity - theatres that demonstrate they are using fog according to these accepted standards should alleviate performers’ and crew members’ concerns, as well as protect their health.

The program, A Test is Worth a Thousand Words, gives theatres the information and support they need to:

  1. Monitor and test all types of fog, including glycol/glycerin, mineral oil, dry ice/liquid CO2, and liquid nitrogen fogs
  2. Compare results to accepted standards and guidelines
  3. Tell performers and crew members that the theatre monitors and tests its fog, and give them the test results for their productions

There is no charge to join the program and receive printed materials. The only cost to theatres is the testing itself, and those costs are minimal. Testing can be done in-house, by the theatre’s own employees, with no additional training.

Program Overview
Participating theatres receive:

  • Access to testing equipment, including information about rental and purchase
  • Instructions for using equipment and calculating results and comparing those results to accepted standards and guidelines
  • A poster, directed to performers and crew, that can hang backstage
  • A form for reporting test results for individual productions (the form is a label that theatres complete and apply to the poster)
  • Flyers that can be distributed to performers and crew with scripts, with rehearsal schedules, or in response to specific questions
To participate in the program, or for more detailed information, please contact Karl G. Ruling at ESTA, (212) 244-1505, .

A Test is Worth a Thousand Words is sponsored by ESTA. The following industry publications and associations contributed to the cost of printing materials for this program: Entertainment Design, Lighting Dimensions, Stage Directions, and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).