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Industry Pledges to Save the TSP

51 Companies and Individuals Pledge to Save the TSP
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When ESTA learned it would be losing a long-term source of revenue, the association faced the loss of almost a third of its income in 2017. The immediate impact of this is to endanger the survival of ESTA’s ANSI-accredited Technical Standards Program (TSP). The ramifications of this would be enormous to the entertainment technology industry. Upon hearing of the situation, Ford Sellers, Senior Product Manager at Chauvet Lighting, commented “The work that is done by the TSP is indispensable. It is central to our industry…In fact, it is what makes us an industry, instead of just a bunch of individual projects.”

The rallying cry went out from the volunteer leadership of ESTA and members of the Technical Standards Program, “Everyone in the industry benefits from the TSP and everyone needs to step forward and fund this critical program to keep it alive.” The standards created under the TSP are used directly or indirectly every day by almost every manufacturer, dealer, installer, production company and end user. These standards prevent accidents, protect lives and property, save time and money, solve problems, and enhance creativity.

The industry is being asked to step up with five-year pledges to ensure the important work of the TSP can continue uninterrupted while ESTA strives to put other sources of funding in place. To date, 51 companies and individuals have stepped forward with pledges totaling roughly $200,000 per year, putting ESTA over halfway towards its goal. The list of companies making the pledge can be seen at the end of this release or at tsp.esta.org/pledged_donors. To join them, please visit tsp.esta.org/donate or email savethetsp@esta.org.

The TSP provides the vehicle to create safety and interoperability standards which are free from anti-trust concerns in a decidedly regulatory-compliant environment. The current technology climate is accelerating at a faster rate than ever before yet, without the TSP, the industry would revert to a standards-free environment, or worse, an environment where standards for our industry would be set by people from outside our industry. This would be particularly disastrous in areas such as rigging where accidents would prompt individual cities and states to try and write their own standards which would result in a compliance and touring nightmare.

In addition, maintaining existing ANSI standards requires review on a regular five-year cycle. Without the TSP, even maintaining current ANSI standards as they evolve would not be possible and they would cease to exist.

The TSP has authored over 50 American National Standards with more currently in development by the hundreds of volunteers who participate in the program. Please support the work they do on behalf of the entire entertainment technology industry by becoming a TSP Investor in Innovation today.

Companies and Individuals Who Have Made Long Term Pledges to Support the TSP

Altman Lighting


B-Hive Industries

Scott Blair

Boston Illumination Group

Candela Controls


City Theatrical

Clark-Reder Engineering

Columbus McKinnon Corporation

Tracey Cosgrove and Mark McKinney

Earl Girls Inc. EGI Pro

Electronic Theatre Controls

Entertainment Project Services

Tony Giovannetti

GLP German Light Products

Golden Sea Professional Equipment Limited

H & H Specialties

High End Systems

High Output

Neil Huff

Hughston Engineering

IATSE Local 891

InCord InterAmerica Stage

J.R. Clancy

Jules Lauve

Brian Lawlor

Lex Products

Lycian Stage Lighting

John T. McGraw

McLaren Engineering Group


Oasis Stage Werks

Reed Rigging

Rosco Laboratories

Alan M. Rowe

Sapsis Rigging

Stage Rigging


Dana Taylor

Steve Terry

Texas Scenic Company

Theatre Projects Consultants

Theatre Safety Programs

Tyler Truss Systems

Steve Walker & Associates

Mike Wood Consulting


Vincent Lighting Systems

XSF Xtreme Structures and Fabrication







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