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Working Group Members Needed

We need more people representing particular interest categories as voting members in some of the TSP's working groups. People from these interest categories who might be affected by the work of the groups and who are willing to attend meetings are invited to join. The general purpose working group membership application is available from http://www.esta.org/tsp/about/workgroups.html. Links on this page will also lead you to information about current working group projects.

There are five interest categories used in ESTA's TSP. Mass-market producers are manufacturers whose main business (over 50%) is in making standard products, not customized for particular customers. Custom-market producers are manufacturers whose main business (over 50%) is making products that are tailored to the needs of particular customers. Dealer/rental companies are dealers or rental companies, people whose main business is selling or renting equipment. Users are people or companies who use the equipment. General interest is the general purpose category for all who would be affected by standards written by a working group but who do not fit into one of the above categories. Examples would be consultants or companies that do such a variety of business in a subject area that no one thing (renting or manufacturing, for example) could be considered over 50% of the business.

The following working groups need more voters in the indicated interest categories, listed in order of need:

  • Camera Cranes: dealer/rental companies, general interest, users
  • Control Protocols: general interest, users, dealer/rental companies
  • Electrical Power: dealer/rental companies, general interest
  • Fog & Smoke: dealer/rental companies, users
  • Floors: dealer/rental companies
  • Followspot Position: dealer/rental companies
  • Photometrics: dealer/rental companies, general interest
  • Rigging: dealer/rental companies, users

Please note that voting members are required to attend meetings and to vote on letter ballots. The voters representing a company or organization may not miss more than two consecutive meetings. It does not matter if the principal voter or his or her alternate attends a meeting, but one of them should attend. A principal voter and all alternates will be moved to observer status if they miss three consecutive meets. Except for the Camera Cranes Working Group, meetings are held four times a year, normally in conjunction with Primedia's Entertainment Technology Show (commonly called LDI) and USITT's Conference and Stage Expo. In between those meetings, meetings are held in January and July at a hotel located convenient to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. The Camera Cranes Working Group meets at least once a year and no more than six times a year in Burbank, California. There is no charge for attending meetings, but meeting attendees pay their own expenses.

This call for members is being issued to bring a better balance of interest to our working groups. A balance of interests helps ensure that the standards written will serve the interests of the industry as a whole and not one sector to the detriment of others.


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