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Fire Curtain and Fog Standards in Public Review

Two draft standards for fire safety curtain systems and fog effects, BSR E1.22 and BSR E1.23 respectively, have joined the two documents already available for public review on the ESTA website at http://www.esta.org/tsp/documents/public_review_docs.php.

BSR E1.22, Entertainment Technology - Fire Safety Curtain Systems, is one of the newly posted standards. It describes the materials, fabrication, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of fire safety curtains and fire safety curtain systems used for theatre proscenium opening protection. This is the second public review of the document, and is a radical reworking of what had been offered before. It is a serious attempt to avoid offering a cook-book description of a fire safety curtain system and to instead specify what it is supposed to do. That is, it doesn't tell you what kind of fabric to use for a fire safety curtain, but instead tells you how strong whatever fabric you use must be and what abrasion and fire tests it must pass. The review on this document runs through the end of the day, GMT, 19 July 2005.

BSR E1.23, Entertainment Technology — Design and Execution of Theatrical Fog Effects, is the second of the newly posted standards. It is a standard for planning and executing fog effects. It is modeled after the well-respected NFPA standards for indoor pyrotechnics and flame effects. Those NFPA standards (NFPA 1126 and NFPA 160) help protect workers and audience members, and also help simplify working with the local authority having jurisdiction for the effects designers and technicians. E1.23, when it is finished, is expected to do the same for fog effects. The review on this document runs through the end of the day, GMT, 19 July 2005.

BSR E1.4, Entertainment Technology—Manual Counterweight Rigging Systems, has been available for public review for about a month, but will continue to be available until the end of the day, GMT, 28 June 2005. It describes the design and construction of manually powered counterweight rigging systems. The primary purpose of the standard is to enhance the safety of these system, which are used widely in theatres throughout the world to support and move scenery and lighting equipment. The draft standard does not cover motorized systems, systems for flying performers, or systems used for moving materials during building construction.

BSR E1.21, Entertainment Technology - Temporary Ground-Supported Overhead Structures Used to Cover the Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events, is the other standard about half-way through the current public review. It establishes a minimum level of design and performance parameters for the design, manufacturing, use, and maintenance of temporary ground-supported overhead structures used to cover the stage areas and to support equipment in the production of outdoor entertainment events. The structures within the scope of this standard are ones in which the structural elements are rigid towers, trusses, and space frames; membrane structures are not included. The review on this document runs until the end of the day, GMT, 28 June 2005.

The complete public review packet for each of these draft standards consists of the draft document and a public review response form. An additional review instructions document tells the reviewer how to fill out the form, and reminds him of some general things to look for. The explanatory documents tell reviewers what comments were offered in the last public reviews and how they were addressed.

Note that the website listing shows the reviews as ending after the dates listed above. This is because the reviews listed here end when the date listed on the website begins. That is, the start of July 20 at midnight local time at 0 degrees longitude ends July 19. When July 20 starts, July 19 and the public review ends.


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