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November 06, 2023 - ESTA's Technical Standard Program Announces Ten Draft Standards Now in Public Review
ESTA’s Technical Standard program announces ten draft standards now in public review: Six plus a suite of four. Ten public review action items came out of the recent October Technical Standards Program working group meetings held in Westlake, TX, where over 180 attendees across 10 discreet working groups came together to move draft standards in development another step forward. All of these public reviews will end on 12 December.

October 10, 2023 - NATEAC 2024 Opens Request for Proposals
The North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) is a quadrennial event with sessions on a variety of topics relevant to the design and construction of performance venues. The producer of the event, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA), is now accepting proposals for sessions for the July 2024 conference, which will be held in Brooklyn, New York.

May 31, 2023 - ESTA 2023 Plugfest Expands to Four Days
The ESTA Control Protocols Plugfest, the event where manufacturers and developers test their lighting products for interoperability, is scheduled to take place from October 5 to October 8, 2023, at the Marriott Dallas/Fort Worth in Westlake, Texas. This is the 19th instance of this informal testing laboratory. Attendance is free for both ESTA members and non-members!

March 26, 2023 - The late March 2023 ESTA Standards Watch is here!
The late March issue of ESTA Standards Watch is now available. Check it out!

March 06, 2023 - Early March 2023 ESTA Standards Watch is here!
The early March 2023 issue of ESTA Standards Watch is now available.

February 24, 2023 - Late February 2023 Standards Watch
The late February 2023 issue of ESTA Standards Watch is now available.

February 21, 2023 - A Trio of ESTA Standards in Public Review
Three ESTA standards—two new and one reaffirmation—are available for public review and comment on the ESTA website at http://estalink.us/pr. The downloads are free. Comments on all are due before 4 April 2023.

February 10, 2023 - Early February Standards Watch published
The early February 2023 issue of ESTA Standards Watch is now available.

February 01, 2023 - Richard Nix is ESTA's Next Technical Standards Manager
ESTA is proud to announce that Richard Nix is the new Technical Standards Manager for the Technical Standards Program (TSP). His predecessor, Karl Ruling, will stay on in a supporting role.

January 14, 2023 - Three ESTA standards approved by ANSI

ESTA is please to announce approval of three standards by ANSI's Board of Standards Review, marking a successful close to our 2022 standards development year.

ANSI E1.37-1 - 2012 (R2022), Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) -- Part 1, is part of the E1.37 project, and provides additional get/set parameter messages (PIDs). Most of the messages in this document are intended for use with entertainment lighting dimming systems. These additional messages allow access to configuration parameters commonly found in many theatrical dimming systems.


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