CM-ET Basic Motor Online Course:
Lodestars and Prostars | Part # OL-ET

Columbus McKinnon has generously donated seats for their online Lodestar and Prostars | Part # OL-ET Training to ESTA. If you purchase your seat through this site 100% of your fee goes to support the TSP.

(Earn 4 ETCP Renewal Credits)

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Newly Updated, Interactive Course Content!
CM-ET has been offering training for entertainment professionals for over 30 years. In addition to our expanded curriculum of hands-on training, we have now developed a host of online learning opportunities, tailored to the entertainment industry.

Who should take the class?
This is a great course for beginners or anyone needing a refresher. For those individuals looking to take the more advanced hands-on CM-ET Motor Certification Technician course, this class is the perfect place to start. It's also a great for ETCP Certified Technicians looking to expand their knowledge and collect renewal credits at the same time.

Course Overview
This two-part online course addresses the following topics, as they relate to CM-ET Classic & Next Generation Lodestars, and Prostars.

  • Hoist specifications, benefits, & features
  • Safe Handling & Use of hoists
  • Current Industry Regulations & Standards, from a global perspective
  • Inspection and Testing criteria
  • Functions of mechanical and electrical components
  • Adjusting limit switches
  • Inspecting and adjusting the brake
  • Guidance on preventative maintenance

For more than 30 years, CM-ET has been conducting this 1-day motor class to help familiarize entertainment technicians and riggers on safe and proper general maintenance and repair of the CM-ET Lodestar. Students now get the same level of information they would get if they attended one of CM's hands-on classes at their Training Centers, but without the inconvenience and expense of traveling. Get trained online and learn at your pace and on your own schedule.

Testing & Completion
At the conclusion of this training, students will be tested on the material covered. Upon successful completion of the testing, participants will be emailed a Certificate of Training. Certified ETCP Technicians can earn 4 renewal credits for taking this course.

What does the course cost?
The course is $199 per person.









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