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Stage Machinery Working Group (Stage Lifts)

Chairpersons & Publications

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Dan Culhane
Wenger/J.R. Clancy
Phone: 1-507-774-8864
Joseph Jeremy
Niscon, Inc
Phone: 1-905-828-5779


  • ANSI E1.42 – 2016, Entertainment Technology – Installed Stage Lift Safety Standard

    Stage lifts, such as orchestra pit or theatre forestage lifts, are not the subject of any current national standard. As result, safety requirements and inspections of them are inconsistent. The BSR E1.42 project is to develop a standard for stage lifts that can be referenced by the IBC and NFPA. The scope is limited to safety and to lifts that are installed as a part of the building and that are not purpose-built for a single theatrical production.