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Rigging Working Group

Chairpersons & Publications

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Bill Sapsis
Sapsis Rigging
Phone: 1-215-228-0888
Christine L. Kaiser
Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
Phone: 1-315-453-8096


  • ANSI E1.44, Common Show File Exchange Format For Entertainment Industry Automation Control Systems Stage Machinery
  • ANSI E1.22, Fire Safety Curtain Systems
  • ANSI E1.21, Temporary Ground-Supported Overhead Structures Used To Cover Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events
  • ANSI E1.15, Recommended Practices and Guidelines for the Assembly and Use of Theatrical Boom & Base Assemblies
  • ANSI E1.8, Loudspeaker Enclosures Intended for Overhead Suspension--Classification, Manufacture and Structural Testing
  • ANSI E1.6-4, Portable Control of Fixed-Speed Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry
  • ANSI E1.6-3, Selection and Use of Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry
  • ANSI E1.6-2, Entertainment Technology Design, Inspection, and Maintenance of Electric Chain Hoists for the Entertainment Industry
  • ANSI E1.6-1, Entertainment Technology Powered Hoist Systems
  • ANSI E1.4, Manual Counterweight Rigging Systems
  • ANSI E1.2, Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers
  • ANSI E1.1, Construction and Use of Wire Rope Ladders