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Photometrics Working Group

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Jerry Gorrell
Theatre Safety Programs
Phone: 1-480-837-9401


  • ANSI E1.48 - 2014, A Recommended Luminous Efficiency Function for Stage and Studio Luminaire Photometry
  • ANSI E1.41 - 2012, Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Entertainment Luminaires Utilizing Solid State Light Sources
  • ANSI E1.36, Model Procedure for Permitting the Use of Tungsten-Halogen Incandescent Lamps and Stage and Studio Luminaires in Vendor Exhibit Booths in Convention and Trade Show Exhibition Halls
  • ANSI E1.35, Standard for Lens Quality Measurements for Pattern Projecting Luminaires Intended for Entertainment Use
  • ANSI E1.25, Recommended Basic Conditions for Measuring the Photometric Output of Stage and Studio Luminaires by Measuring Illumination Levels Produced on a Planar Surface
  • ANSI E1.9, Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Entertainment Lighting