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TSP Meeting Schedules

Las Vegas - November 2017    (Reserve a Hotel Room Note: There is a mandatory $15 per day resort fee that will be added to your reservation when you check in. It does not appear in the reservation process.)
  The Tropicana
    Wednesday, November 15
      Council: 2pm - 6pm
      Control Protocols E1.59 TG: 9am - 1pm
      Event Safety Crowd Management TG: 2pm - 6pm
      Rigging Working Group: 7pm - 11pm
      Rigging E1.6-3: 2pm - 6pm
    Thursday, November 16
      Control Protocols Working Group: 9am - 12pm
      Control Protocols E1.37-4 TG: 1pm - 3pm
      Event Safety Crowd Management TG: 9am - 1pm
      Event Safety Fire Safety TG: 2pm - 5pm
      Event Safety Weather TG: 9am - 12pm
      Event Safety Communications TG: 2pm - 5pm
      Photometrics Working Group: 1pm - 3pm
      Rigging E1.6-4 Portable Control/Chain Hoists: 2pm - 5pm
    Friday, November 17
      Electrical Power Working Group: 7pm - 10pm
      Event Safety Rigging Task Group: 2pm - 6pm
      Event Safety Working Group: 9am - 12pm
      Floors Working Group: 1pm - 2:30pm
      Fog & Smoke Working Group: 3pm - 5pm
    Saturday, November 18
      Stage Lifts Working Group: 9am - 11am
    Sunday, November 19
      Control Protocols E1.20 Revison: 2pm - 5pm
    Monday, November 20
      Control Protocols E1.33 RDMnet: 10am - 6pm