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Investing in Innovation
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TSP Donors Who Have Made Long Term Pledges

About the Stage
Altman Lighting
B-Hive Industries
Scott Blair
Boston Illumination Group
Candela Controls
City Theatrical
Clark-Reder Engineering
Columbus McKinnon Corporation
Tracey Cosgrove and Mark McKinney
Doug Fleenor Design
Earl Girls Inc. EGI Pro
Electronic Theatre Controls
Entertainment Project Services
Tony Giovannetti
GLP German Light Products
Golden Sea Professional Equipment Limited
H & H Specialties
Harlequin Floors
High End Systems
High Output
Neil Huff
Hughston Engineering
IATSE Local 891
Beverly and Tom Inglesby
Interactive Technologies
InterAmerica Stage
J.R. Clancy
Jules Lauve
Brian Lawlor
Lex Products
Lycian Stage Lighting
John T. McGraw
McLaren Engineering Group
Mike Garl Consulting
Mike Wood Consulting
Oasis Stage Werks
Reed Rigging
Reliable Design Services
Rosco Laboratories
Alan M. Rowe
Sapsis Rigging
Stage Equipment & Lighting
Stage Rigging
Syracuse Scenery and Stage Lighting, Co.
Dana Taylor
Steve Terry
Texas Scenic Company
Theatre Projects Consultants
Theatre Safety Programs
Tyler Truss Systems
Steve Walker & Associates
Vincent Lighting Systems
XSF Xtreme Structures and Fabrication