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About the TSP
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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Technical Standards Council (TSC) was created to oversee the program with the charge to:
  • Develop and implement an ESTA Technical Standards Policy
  • Approve technical standards projects and appoint working group chairs
  • Publish recommended practices and application notes
  • Appoint liaisons to monitor, participate in and support technical standards efforts by other organizations
  • Disseminate information to the ESTA membership on internal and external technical standards projects via a regularly published newsletter
  • Ensure that the ESTA membership is kept fully informed of all technical standards and regulations that might have an effect on the Entertainment Industry

Vision Statement
The Technical Standards Program (TSP) will serve the needs of the ESTA membership and contribute to the Entertainment Industry through the creation and publication of Recommended Practices and Standards. This effort will facilitate the use of new and existing equipment, improve communications and promote safe working conditions. Through the establishment of Working Groups, the TSP will concentrate its efforts in the areas of performance technology, safety and loss prevention. As the composition of the ESTA membership evolves, those areas may be expanded, either directly through the establishment of new Working Groups or indirectly through liaisons with other organizations and associations. The TSP will also serve the needs of the ESTA membership by monitoring the work of other relevant standards-making bodies and regulatory agencies throughout the world. The TSP will support said technical standards efforts through information dispersal or by direct participation. Pertinent information will be disseminated to the membership through general communications and in response to individual requests. The TSP will support the goals and objectives of ESTA and will significantly contribute to its important role as a worldwide trade association.